Stearns Lending, Inc.

4 Hutton Centre Drive, 10th floor
Santa Ana, CA 92707
Phone: (714) 513-7777
Contact: Katheryn Le - President
Company ID: 13035938

The grid below includes a brief summary of complaints and the company's response, if available. In some cases, the grid may include all complaints against the company.

DateComplaint and Response SummariesDetails
Customer Complaint: I was treated unethically and poorly when applying for a refinance loan regardless of adequate incom... Read More
Company Response: Contacted consumer telephonically to discuss her concerns and sent the above letter also addressing ... Read More
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Customer Complaint: My mortgage was approved and supposed to go to settlement on June 26th. It has still not been compl... Read More
Company Response: Stearns Lending is investigating and will provide further information.
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Customer Complaint: My credit card statement shows that I was unreasonably charged by Trimavin-Appraisal MGMT C 714-513-... Read More
Company Response: It appears that the follow up appraisal was necessary and the $150.00 charge was justified. Stearns ... Read More
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Customer Complaint: Request to have work approved and funds released is not being addressed or reviewed.
Company Response: PER CONSUMER E-MAIL: Stearns Lending has approved the work I need done and resolved the issue.
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Customer Complaint: Stearns does not follow their guidlines provided to brokers
Company Response: Stearns Lending, Inc. will not be remitting the requested $675 for the appraisal ordered by Mr.
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Customer Complaint: We were told we qualified for a refinance. After we paid $475 we were denied based on information t... Read More
Company Response: The customer should contact his loan officer to arrange for a Stearns Lending, Inc. check in the amo... Read More
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