Amerifi Mortgage

8272 Sunset Blvd. Suite A
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone: (323) 848-6946
Contact: Alen Aivazian - CEO
Company ID: 100077083

The grid below includes a brief summary of complaints and the company's response, if available. In some cases, the grid may include all complaints against the company.

DateComplaint and Response SummariesDetails
Customer Complaint: Amerifi Johathan rude & disrespectful-phone calls after requesting "stop calling".
Company Response: A supervisor has taken over and the process has been clearly explained to client and the everybody i... Read More
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Customer Complaint: After deciding not to do business with Amerifi, they called us 13 times in one night until 9pm; afte... Read More
Company Response: The problem has been resolved the consumer will not receive any more calls.
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Customer Complaint: They are not returning my phone calls and refusing to give me an update on my loan modification.
Company Response: We are working on clients loan modification and he has received an update and he is in the process o... Read More
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Customer Complaint: Non compliance with contract agreement.
Company Response: We are going to honor the contract to his wishes and the owner of the company will personally take o... Read More
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Customer Complaint: Company is billing for services that were never rendered.
Company Response: There is a misunderstanding here. My company Amerifi Home Loans has never billed this customer and ... Read More
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Customer Complaint: They lied. Said I could keep my mortgage payments current. Then later they said that couldn't help m... Read More
Company Response: We have sent back all of the clients personal information and also shredded any copies of anything w... Read More
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Customer Complaint: Amerifi is using an automated system to cold-call prospects on the do-no-call list.
Company Response: We apologize and have taken consumer off the call list.
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Customer Complaint: Consumer allege company misrepresented the services they would provide.
Company Response: We got them a modification, they have paid us nothing, and they are complaining, this is ridiculous.
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Customer Complaint: Company failed to render services as agreed.
Company Response: We are still working on modification and will do so until he receives a modification.
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Customer Complaint: Received telemarketing Robo Call
Company Response: Almost all of our clients are referrals.
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