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Business Consumer Alliance is your one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know about a business before engaging with them. We rate all types of businesses based on a variety of factors such as complaints, industry trends, competency licensing, etc. We also offer a platform for customers of those businesses to post reviews based on their experience.

  • Get a ReportGet a ReportCheck out what we have to say about a company before doing business with them. Our comprehensive reports will tell you if the business has a good track record and if they have any complaints.
  • Read ReviewsRead ReviewsFind out what other customers are saying about a business. We offer a platform for customers to rate their experience with a business.
  • File a ComplaintFile a ComplaintDo you have a dispute with a business? We can help you resolve that issue with our world-class complaint mediation process.

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Recent Reviews

I filled out an online survey and for my time was offered a free watch but needed to cover the shipping. I've received another watch and called and talked to one of Volvados' representatives named Chris. He informed me that I was into some watch club... Read More »
CA Realty Group-LA

The finest Luxury real estate company in Los Angeles! ... Read More »
K2 Scuba

I am writing this to save others the pain of shopping with K2. Don't get sucked in by their 365 day return guarantee, especially if you live in a country other than the US. I ordered a medium tall wetsuit from K2 at full price, but I received a mediu... Read More »
Fred Fleming Attorney at Law

I needed assistance with my disability claim so I contacted Fred Fleming Attorney at Law. Todd was excellent and everything went smooth. ... Read More »
Impact Media

Paid for ads for last year 2013, All I have received is B.S. and worthless promises. He is a crook, refuses to answer his phone, never calls back until you post the truth about him and then whines-Your hurting my business! Then he promises to upgrad... Read More »

Happy People

This was a 5 star experience for us as of this writing. We are in MA and we had dealt with a CA business so we really didn't know what to expect. Business Consumer Alliance calmed our fears and kept in touch with us throughout. I would not hesitate to call them if the need should ever arise again. We can't thank them enough, especially Monica Ramos, who was a very kind professional. ... Read More »
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