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Business Consumer Alliance is your one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know about a business before engaging with them. We rate all types of businesses based on a variety of factors such as complaints, industry trends, competency licensing, etc. We also offer a platform for customers of those businesses to post reviews based on their experience.

  • Get a ReportGet a ReportCheck out what we have to say about a company before doing business with them. Our comprehensive reports will tell you if the business has a good track record and if they have any complaints.
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Warmly and friendly service...I have been ordering from pandahall for a few months and am satisfied with items and service so far!... Read More »
Restrepo Services

Great Service and very friendly... 5 star service!... Read More »
Zeller and Associates

For the past week, I have been receiving numerous calls from 877-225-9049 asking for the name of a person (the name is inaudible). My best guess is the name is David M. (leaving off the last name for privacy purposes). There is no one by that name in... Read More »
Run America Van Lines

I moved with Run America Vanlines. I accepted a job In florida and needed movers quickly. I went online and as soon as I did moving companies starting calling me. I received a lot of estimates. Reviewing all the horror stories that you see online was... Read More »
Endeavor Legal Group, P. C.

We retained their services in November of 2013 and were served Notice of Default late February - over 3 months after retaining their services. Our mortgage company had no idea we had "counsel of record" and within a couple of days finally got a noti... Read More »

Happy People

Mediation #98769753

Thank you so much for Raychel Parris of Business Consumer Alliance!!! I've had problem with a merchant in California for over six (6) months. This unscrupulous merchant received my money on 7/11/13, but they just wouldn't ship the product giving all sorts of excuses and delays.As soon as I contacted BCA in early February this year, Raychel got to work in a VERY timely and effective manner while keeping me informed. And I finally got the product today!!! I cannot thank ... Read More »

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